KickstarterImage It's been two days and already we're well over 20% funded so woohoo, things are going well - thanks again to my early-bird backers, you guys are awesome.

You are, in fact, doing better than me right now. I found training hard this morning, and got myself nicely beat up by my favourite teenagers. I was tired when we started at 9, and I had trouble finishing just before 11:30. I even had to take mini-breaks, which I try to avoid as a general rule. But I had no legs today (thanks to yesterday's cardio class and, er, all the running and swimming I did all week) and when your legs are shot it's very hard on ye olde chest potato. I got winded pretty bad.

In good part it's due to the fact that I haven't slept very well (or enough) in the last couple days, a trend I'm determined to end tonight. But it may also have been a slightly off day. These happen every now and then.

Still, I must say, my slightly off days right now look and feel better than my "on" days eight months ago so there is that. Progress in anything is a bit like watching kids grow. When you're with them every day because they're your own personal offspring you don't notice the increase so much. But when you only see them once a month, you sure notice it.

Sparring is like that. You train and you train and you train and obviously because you're not a complete moron you pick up tricks and tips and you perfect your techniques and improve your cardio and timing and of course when you keep doing it you keep getting better at it. Otherwise, you're in the wrong sport. But because you train pretty much every day, you don't notice the improvements so much. Especially on slightly off days. But here's hoping the improvements are real because we have a big tournament in Ottawa this coming weekend and the pressure is on for us to do well.

I've started taking all kinds of notes for the book project and we've started thinking about a filming plan, so things on that score are moving along well. New crowdfunded projects are like back-to-school; they always make you feel like the possibilities are endless. It's a great feeling. Click here if you want to read more about the project and/or if you want to chip in a few bucks to help produce it.