Today is the last pre-test for the brown belts who will be testing for black belt next month. If they pass today, they get a red stripe on their belt that says they're ready for the big test. Black belts who are testing for a new dan this year also have to do this pre-test, but we don't get a red stripe. What we get is a special test, in three weeks, that comes before the general black belt test. Yes, that's a lot of testing. Today's a big one. Most of the brown belts are feeling anxious or nervous or both, as they should. Earning a black belt is a big deal, and it should feel like it. It's less nerve-wracking the third time around, but still, I'm keyed up. Warmed up, too, after a good jog early this morning followed by helping along with two kid classes and doing 45 minutes of good solid cardio kickboxing (plus a bo class in half an hour, because why not). I'm about as ready as I'm going to be for this pre-test, so, I say, bring it on.

Any special kind thoughts you have hanging around not doing anything important between 16:30 and 18:00, send them my way.