KickstarterImage Last week I decided it was time to crank up the training because Worlds are coming up in less than three months and if I don't train now, when will I? So I started doing more weights, more classes, more varied training, more running, more biking/swimming, and more regular training like this.

The weekend was full, starting with weights on Friday afternoon followed by training from 7:15 to 9. Saturday morning I jogged then did another cardio/weights class that was especially hard on ye olde potato. Sunday morning I did training from 9 am to 11:30ish, then biked to the dojo's potluck picnic at a nearby park where I ran around taking pictures and filming people while getting wet in the hot hot sun. This morning I jogged then did a karate class at noon, followed by training between 2:30 and 4, immediately followed by another cardio class that focuses on precision skills. I don't mind admitting that by the end my "precision" wasn't much to write home about. But I did it!

And now for some reason I'm a bit tired. Tomorrow is a relatively easy day, because you do need to rest a little bit, so it'll just be a 4-5KM run then a punching bag class then a weights class. Wednesday I shall attempt to repeat what I did today if my shoulders and quads don't protest too loudly. Thursday I'll be at the lake (yay swimming) but I'll be back to training Friday afternoon and on to another busy weekend.

Lather, rinse, repeat. (Oh, and do laundry every day!)

A friend asked where I get the energy for all this. Maybe it'll sound weird but I get it, quite simply, from a very strong drive to succeed. I made Team Canada and my intention is to show up in Dublin in November and do well there. I'm also teaching Eldest that the part about hard work means we have to do a lot of hard work and train and train and train. Not, you know, just talk about it. She doesn't do quite as much as I do, obviously, since she's only 9, but she trains a good 12 hours a week. For some reason if I shout at her from the couch to go work out she won't hear me very well. She hears me better when I'm in the dojo with her drenched in sweat.

Also? I have this project to write a book and do a mini-documentary about my experience and I would feel like a fraud if I didn't go through said experience full-tilt.

So there. While some people have wonderful natural talent and can win tournaments without having to train too hard, the overwhelming majority of successful athletes have one thing in common: hard, relentless, ruthless work. I commented to no one in particular today that if I only came to training when I felt like it I wouldn't be there nearly as often. This afternoon in particular I was fantasizing about a nap in my comfy chair in my lovely backyard. Instead I put on my pads and worked hard for three hours.

It's a difficult training schedule and yes, I have to keep it up for the next few months at least. I don't know that it will make me win anything. But I know one thing for sure: Not doing it would certainly not make me the best athlete I can be, and that just won't do.