Tournament fun, and lots of it, coming up. And I'm almost disturbingly calm about it. What gives? This weekend, on Sunday, we have the KJS open in Brossard (see here). I'm doing traditional forms (veteran women) and point sparring (45+), while Eldest does traditional forms and point sparring with her age group. And since we never give Daddy any time to be at the lake by himself, I'm taking all three girls with me. The younger two aren't competing at that one, but they're in charge of making sure the ipads don't go unwatched. Ideally they should cheer us on, too, but hey. Ipads first. It's a serious job. (Also, since they don't typically get to play with ipads, going to tournaments is fun for them because they hang out with the kids who brought ipads. It's a thing.)

Then starting Friday we have the Nationals (in Ottawa), where we compete to see who'll make it to the Canadian team for the Worlds this fall in Ireland. The top four in each division make the team, and people come from all over the country to try out, after having qualified in their respective provincial qualifiers. I qualified in four divisions (traditional forms, 35+ and 42+), along with point sparring (65Kg and under, 35+ and 42+). Eldest qualified in traditional forms (10 and under) and also in point sparring but she feels she's not quite ready for national-level point sparring this year so she asked to try out in kata only. She's being smart; her divisions are huge, and while her sparring has improved a great deal since the fall she still has a ways to go before she's ready for this particular ring. Next year...

I've also played a bit with continuous sparring to help a friend who's thinking about competing in that field, and I must say it's a barrel of fun. It's a bit more scary than point sparring because you don't stop when someone scores and you tend to get hit in the head a lot. This is where people can get hurt if they don't know quite what they're doing. I'm not keen on concussions so I won't start competing in this discipline until/unless I feel like I know what I'm doing, but I'm seriously considering training for it because barrel of fun, above, and also because it's awesome for your fitness. Two minutes of fighting non-stop takes a lot of gas... and the better at it you get, the better your point sparring also becomes.

So why am I so calm? Not sure. I expect I'll be a ball of nerves closer to the events. "Calm before the storm" isn't a common expression for nothing. But also, I've been training hard - general karate training, special third-degree-black-belt-grading training, special competitive team training, and also mind training. I took seriously what I wrote here, to the point of getting my calendar app on my phone to bing once a day to remind me that I want it. (Google calendar; set yourself goals and the thing will find time in your schedule for you to do it.)

We'll see Sunday if that mind work was for real. I'll keep you posted.

Update: tada!