In this project you will hear a lot more about challenges and hardship than easy success, pinkie promise. OK. That hurts. Nothing major, fortunately (and woo-hoo, no more adductor pain; a few days of babying it was all it took), but boy am I sore. And stiff all over.

Yes, it's for a good cause. And yes, it does go away a bit with the proper application of acetaminophen. It would go away even faster if I slept better. But alas. A combination of massive work-related stress, hormones (Q: can one bitch enough about hormones? A: No) and other nonsense like the dog whining to be let out so he could fight Porky in the middle of the night are getting in the way of optimal restorative ZZZs.

And I'm feeling it. I mean, I had to take a few short breathers in the last class yesterday. My shoulders didn't want to lift those weights no more. I made them do it anyway, but I'm paying for it now (it even hurts to type).

Today is rest day. Well, "rest". There is still that massive work-related stress thing to battle, plus the usual (homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, yard work, writing, etc.) during which I will focus on eating well but not too much, swimming gently to loosen up and hoping Porky doesn't come roaming too close to my bedroom again tonight.