Well! After all this training comes the fun but also daunting part. Because it's one thing to earn a new black belt, it's quite another to make it look good. But I'll try my best, starting tomorrow when I go back to the dojo to try my shiny new belt.

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I'm super happy about the surprise present Martina Couture had for me: Four beautiful #TrainedByASpartan tshirts for us warrior mamas. Aren't they the coolest thing?

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The rose you see in the picture at the top is something they give us to give to the person who's helped us the most. It's going on my husband's desk (shh, don't tell him; he's still at the lake and won't see it until morning), who does put up with a lot. Generally speaking, I mean, but also karate-wise. He's doesn't complain when I'm preparing for training, when I'm training, or when I'm back from training and need a lie-down. He doesn't complain when I take off for a weekend going to a tournament with Eldest (sometimes Middle Daughter comes with us, too), leaving him with the smaller kid(s) and pets. So yeah, he's been pretty awesome about it all. So have my senseis and training buddies who have kept encouraging me all these long months. You know who you are. Thanks guys!