Winners, kata, 42 and over Second day of competition at the WKC Nationals in Ottawa was pretty good. My daughter placed fourth in her kata division (classical kata, girls, 10 and under), and that earns her a spot on the Canadian team for the World championship in Dublin in the fall.

She did a very strong kata (bassai dai, for those who know). In our system it's a second-degree black belt kata and she's still a brown belt so it's not something she would work on during her regular classes. I helped her learn the kata about two months ago and I've worked on it with her most days during those two months. We will continue to work on it throughout the summer and see where that takes us.

She impressed me with her discipline the last two days, and also her focus and strength. I am so crazy proud of her (and I do demand bonus points for not jumping to the ceiling when they gave her the form for Team Canada.)

I did the same kata yesterday and today, in both veteran women divisions (35 and over, and 42 and over). I came second in both, and earned my spot on the Canadian team for both divisions.

Then it was off to point sparring, again in both veteran divisions (35 and over, and 42 and over). After the first round I'm fourth in the 35+ and third in the 42+. Finals are tomorrow morning. I'm going to get myself to bed soon (after tea and ice cream), and get some much-needed rest.