This morning I discovered that if you crank up your car's butt warmer on your way to training it helps your lower back not hurt so much while the rest of your carcass warms up with kicks and such. It was most necessary today given the pretty intensive workout yesterday (one short jog, one cardio kickboxing class, one karate class, then 90 minutes of special black belt training). I slept like a log for 8 solid hours then went for a pleasant 3-KM jog this morning with the pup and a podcast about Aristotle's Poetics, but for some reason I was still stiff at 9:30. You bet I'll use that butt-warming trick again. It's excellent! This morning I also drew blood for the first time. We both came in with a back fist and reverse punch at the same time and clashed. So far so ho-hum. Clashes happen. But then she signaled the need for a break and explained that I'd somehow managed to get my elbow into her mouth, which made her bleed a bit. Which of course I felt terrible about. I know it's part of the game, and personally I don't mind it when I get hurt and it bleeds (provided it was not a thoroughly preventable accident; I dislike undue sloppiness), but I still didn't like it.

I tried to drown my sorrows, as it were (okay, yes, I'm being dramatic), by going to David's Tea and trying some chai tea (the Kashmiri Chai, with a splash of whole milk), which is apparently excellent for you. I don't know if it's true but I sure am enjoying the taste, so yay.

What else - oh yes! As we prepare for our dojo's annual Kicks for Heart fundraiser (support me! I'm being out-fundraised by my kids) I decided to let the girls go out in the neighbourhood to try and raise some money for it. In previous years they'd just make a contribution out of their own pockets but this year they wanted to go knock on people's doors. So I got them to practise their sales pitch and off they went and raised $150, doing the whole thing by themselves. They are back out there as I type, trying to get some more. That makes me feel so very proud.

Hope you're having a happy Sunday, too! (Minus the blood.)