[previous chapter] [start from the beginning] “I know you’re exhausted, Nathalie, but there’s something I want to tell you.”

Oh boy, exhausted wasn’t the word. She was beat. So much she didn’t care if the sun rose next morning or not. She was drained. She couldn’t even manage to answer him, she just nodded.

“I’ve never been so proud of you, you know that? You have been so strong these past two weeks, you put me to shame. You are so precious to me; I want to hold you and never let you go.”

She managed a smile. “Well, now, let’s not go crazy, it’s not that bad.”

He looked at her, saying nothing.


“Well, it’s just… I actually do want to go crazy.”

“Oh, really. What crazy do you have in mind? Because at the moment, the only crazy thing I’m thinking about is how much I’d love a cream soda…”

“Cream soda?!?” What the hell was that about?

“Yeah. Cream soda. I used to love them as a kid. I’d probably hate them now; it’s nothing but awful sugar and artificial flavours. But still, I want one.”

There was suddenly a spark in his eye. “Oh yeah? What would you give to get one right now?”

“Anything you want.”

“OK, that’s a deal. Marry me.”


“Marry me.”

“You’re serious?”

“Never been more serious in my whole life.”

“But why?”

“Is that a no?”

“No! It’s not a no. Oh gosh, I’m screwing this up, am I…”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am at some point hoping for a yes…”

She threw herself at him. “You’re crazy!”

“I know.”

“And yes, I will marry you.”

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