Some of you may have noticed that I finally (finally!) started publishing my novel. It's in serial form for several reasons, not the least of which is that I find it easier to focus on small bits of it at a time and of course the other big reason is that waiting for the whole thing to be just so would have meant publishing the story on the 12th of Never and that would not do. I am done being a chicken about it.

When it's done I will publish it in ebook format and maybe also in paper version, and those will be for sale. Because starving artists must eat a few crumbs now and then. But the money really isn't everything. I like it enough, for sure, and like it or not we all need sufficient amounts of it to pay the bills, but that's not why I write. Which is just as well given how un-rich most writers are. ;)

No, I write because now that I managed to get past the fear of actually publishing my story, I find the process of refining it and putting it out there tremendously fun and rewarding. Thrilling, too. I still get a few palpitations as my mouse hovers over the "publish" button every time I put a chapter out. But I love it very much.

Just this morning I was fussing a bit with chapter 19. I have now published the first 7 so yes, I'm ahead of you. The whole book is written, fear not, but not every part of it is ready for the world just yet. So I review later parts as I get earlier parts ready for publication, and eventually the whole thing will be out and it'll be time to get started on my second one, about which I've been ruminating quietly for a while already.

So there. Do I miss working in TV news? No. To be thoroughly honest about it, while I enjoyed the relationship with viewers and most colleagues, the business of finding interesting things to say about the news was on the verge of giving me a nervous breakdown. I'm much happier outside that world than in. And the joy I get from writing my stories more than makes up for the lost salary.

I only hope reading my novel gives you half as much fun as writing it gives me. If it does, then we're really in business.