Better not psychoanalyze this...

I was just out jogging with the pup. Beautiful sunrise today, which made me stretch my run a bit longer than I'd intended. Today is a big training day; I don't usually run much more than 2.5-3KM on big training days, but today I did because I was running into this glorious light how can you blame me? I was listening to an In Our Time podcast about The Schism (1054 and all that) and thinking about my next novel - I know what it's about, but I have to refine a few things about the storyline in my head before I start writing next week-ish. This morning I was pondering the opening scene, how best to start the story, and that discussion about the Schism somehow gave me the idea of starting my next novel with a rough (but consensual) sex scene.

Yeah, you're right. I don't want to know what that means. ;)

When mothers leave

What do you see with?