Why I like homeschooling, part 34362138

Excuse the bragging, but today my 9-year-old accurately quoted G.K. Chesterton in a conversation with an adult about the difference between an argument and a quarrel. It's almost as good as The Youngest (5) raising her hand in karate class the other day and the sensei says, "Yes, what's your question" and she starts with "Actually, it's more of a statement..."

Homeschooling is an awful lot of really hard work. It's often chaotic, scary, discouraging and not so great on the patience gene. What I ain't got. But there are times when your kids do something truly cool and all those bad moments and fears and doubts wash away in a flash.

They'll come back, don't worry. But right now, I'm on a feel-good cloud and enjoying the view mightily.

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