Chai I've been on a whole foods kick for two years now, gradually removing processed foods and junk from my diet. The way I describe my diet these days is "freakishly clean", by which I mean I almost literally never eat anything I didn't make myself, except for things like cheese, yogourt, and so on. I don't eat spreads, very little by way of grains, not too much meat, virtually no wheat and zero soy. But lots of bananas, spinach, eggs, and fish.

I also quit drinking coffee two years ago (nothing puritan about this one; I just didn't feel like drinking coffee anymore), and I've switched to tea. In particular, chai teas. I'm a huge fan of David Tea's Kashmiri Chai, but it's not cheap so in the interest of not pouring too much money down that hole I started experimenting with spices to create my own blend.

And lo, I found something cool. It involves one small stick of cinnamon (broken up), about a tsp of cloves, one or two star anise, and a tsp of cardamon pods. Let steep 4-5 minutes, add a splash of milk, and enjoy.

It's pretty, too.