Brekkie, the relaxing meal... To say it was a long weekend would be a bit of an understatement. Drove down from the lake on Friday with all three girls, then did karate/training all evening until well past 9 pm. Got up early Saturday for same plus belt test for Eldest, between 9:15 and 1:00, then home for lunch, then back to dojo for my black belt training between 5 and 6:30. Got up a touch before 5 am on Sunday to drive to Montreal for a tournament, then back to the lake for the night. Up early again Monday for some work before everyone got up, then breakfast then departure at 8. Got to the city around 10, made lunch and prepped dinner then off to the dojo for training at noon. Ran errands with two eldest girls before coming back home to pick up youngest and Dad to go back to the dojo for training and karate until 7 pm. A trip to the library, some ice cream, and for some reason I fell asleep shortly after that.

Yes, I am tired. Everything is tired, and my muscles hurt from all the exertion. I've also got some bruises that are starting to come out from Sunday's fights. (Battle scars! Roar! I mean, Ow!) In itself that wouldn't be a huge deal but I've got to balance the need for recovery with the need to continue training because the Nationals are this weekend and I am determined to earn a spot on the Canadian team for Worlds. (Whether I can do it or not doesn't matter; I will compete to win, and that's that.)

Yesterday's training was difficult. I even had to beg off for a minute to get a sip of water because I was so dizzy I was afraid I'd fall down. I don't - ever - go out for water. I mean, not literally never. But almost literally never. I don't remember the last time I did that. Maybe 18 months ago? I learned long ago to train without water breaks. I don't take a water bottle in with me, even for three-hour sessions. I hydrate properly before training, and drink a lot after training. I've been doing this for 15 years now and I believe it has contributed greatly to making me tougher and more resilient. I also don't let Eldest take a water bottle in with her, for the same reason. I do, however, allow her to go out between classes if she wants to and get a sip or two when we train for back-to-back sessions. (There's a difference between badass and tyrannical.)

Anyway, yesterday I needed a sip. That's how tired I was. I slept well last night and got up early (woke up around 5). On today's training menu there is only a pre-brekkie run (4 km, heavy legs, didn't look or feel particularly awesome), a 45-minute heavy bag class this afternoon, and a bike ride home (5 km, pulling the youngest on the bike trailer thing). That's a light day. Tomorrow I train hard. Thursday I don't train (except for a jog and some fairly relaxed biking - husband will be gone with our only car so my bike is my transportation for Thursday and Friday). Competition starts Friday.

So to help me relax, I bake new things. This morning I tried mixing up two of my breakfast treats: oatmeal cookies and turmeric waffles. I kinda mushed up both recipes (eggs, butter, banana, apple sauce, buckwheat flour, oatmeal, turmeric spice blend I make mine own self) added extra cinnamon along with about 2 tbps of dark brown sugar and baked for 10 minutes. It worked pretty good. Now I feel like I can attack the day. In a relaxed manner.

Watch me roar... in slow motion. ;)