Picking up math tricks in a stalled Tube train from an Alabama teacher

Life is full of funny surprises. Last weekend we found ourselves in a stalled Tube train in London, on our way to the Tower, and we got into conversations with our fellow stuck Tubers, including these two nice young women from Alabama - one who now lives in England and her friend who was visiting her. The visiting friend is a math teacher back home and sure enough the kids started yammering at her about how much they enjoy math (their father's DNA, don't look at me) and what have you. And out of the blue she shared with us a trick she has to help her students remember their multiplication table for the 9s. Not that kids do multiplication tables much anymore, but this young lady was charmingly old-fashioned about it. Anyhow, here's what she taught us. Feel free to use it with your kids. And send a nice thought towards Birmingham.


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