160617_BPR_Working_8 I rarely like pictures of myself, but I like this one. That's me alright. John took that one at the Tower of London Friday afternoon. It's about 3:30 and we've been going since roughly 7, me carrying the gear on my back. I've got one camera, a tripod, and all kinds of other doodads in the blue backpack, and the other camera, along with batteries, mics, chargers, and plenty of other doodads, are in the bag at my front. Together they weigh about 35 pounds. Eldest is carrying another backpack full of other supplies (make-up, headphones, etc.) plus another bag that contains the shoulder-mounted camera rig for when we can't use the tripod (I packed things so she would carry the slightly bulky but much lighter stuff; her load weighs maybe 10-12 pounds).

The two younger kids are near me, just where I like them, and I'm finally enjoying a restorative chai latte, before heading back to the car via the tube/overtrain system and driving to Bristol.

We have very busy days on this trip, and not much sleep (for me, at least; John gets a good 7 hours a night and the kids tend to get about 8), but we're getting some really good work done and yes, we're having a grand old time doing it.