It's been that kind of morning where there's just too much to do for the time available.

Some work on John's computer (mine is dead and I'm waiting for the replacement) before he got up, jog with the pup, then a bit of backyard yoga followed by waffle-making. While catching up online (using the phone) and updating my jogging playlist on a different device. Feed everyone breakfast then proceed to do morning chores. More work on John's computer while he eats breakfast with the kids. More chores. Next thing I know it's almost 10 and I haven't had breakfast yet and the kitchen floor, which I've been meaning to clean for a week, just grosses me out too much for words and I have a mini-fit. So I make my breakfast smoothie, start cooking some quinoa, wash the stupid floor, grab our books and announce to the kids that we're doing our reading outside. They love it. But of course now the kitchen floor is wet so we can't go in the backyard so what the hey, let's go out front. Less sunshine there unless you're willing to sit on the path. Which the kids are delighted to do.

I get so engrossed in the beauty of their impromptu reading-homeschooling-sunbath that I lose track of time and next thing I know the stupid quinoa is more or less burned through. But you know what? It'll be fine. We had a beautiful moment in the sun and the quinoa will taste better for it.