Today was a driving day, not a filming day. So we drove - all the way down from Glasgow to Worcester via Wales. But we also managed to fit in some filming, too, because we're really keen on this filming business and couldn't resist those vistas. Look who's learning to use the gear

I was especially keen to swing by Wales because I'd never been there and also because we could find a spot to go dip our footsies in the Irish Sea, which I'd never done before. So off we went to that funny land where they think W is a vowel, especially if you squeeze six of them in one word.

The Irish Sea in North Wales is very muddy at low tide

Then we made our way from Wales to the Worcester area where we're camped out for the night, via some other spots where we wanted to shoot some B-roll. Long car rides being what they are, they involve a fair bit of gross "food" and sugar, not always in that order. Below is a sample of "food" that should be avoided, unless you're five years old: the "egg" jelly candy. It's about as terrible as it sounds.

On the other hand, if you're ever at Waitrose, grab yourself a container of banana milk. It's better than it has any business being.

Tomorrow we are filming at Woodbury Hill, Fort Royal Hill, and a few other fun spots on the way back to London.