Adventures in BritSpeak

Did I mention we're traveling on a budget? That, coupled with our general dislike for splashing money around for no reason, and given that we're not spending much time in hotel rooms anyway, means that when we're on the road filming like that we go for inexpensive hotels as much as possible. I like them safe, reputable and clean enough, but otherwise I don't need luxury.

Right now we're at a lovely Premier Inn in Bristol, a fine budget hotel chain. When I booked the room I said we had three kids and gave them their ages (all under 10, the youngest almost 6). So they said, OK, we'll give you a family room which has a double bed, two twin beds and a cot.

Perfect! The girls love sleeping on those rollaway beds. Book away!


Turns out what "cot" meant was a playpen. You know, a baby bed. Not much point asking for something different as there simply is not enough space left in the room to squeeze anything bigger and it's late and we need to crash so we'll just have to make do.

I shouldn't have worried. The Youngest squealed with delight and enthusiastically flung herself into the thing. She promptly conked out and hasn't been heard since.

Yep, life with kids is never dull.

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