Simple-minded memories of love

Facebook reminded me this morning that we'd had our pup, Jack, for three years. He was about 18 months old when we adopted him (he had gone through two shelters and nobody was exactly sure what his birthday or history were other than rough age and "from Northern Quebec".

He's a very sweet dog. Not particularly brilliant, but very loving. And what continues to amaze me is what he seems to remember from his first owner. I'm guessing he was a tall man who drove a pickup because every time we see a pickup he wants to go in (he tends to ignore other cars). He's also super keen to say hi to big tall construction fellows. Being quite the Sherlock, I deduce that's the sort of person he grew up with.

And that's amazing because here he is, not five years old, having been with us for three, and he still remembers the person who looked after him as a puppy. For a not particularly intelligent creature, that's pretty good. 

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