Oh, blah

And I mean, blaaaahhhh. Mama's finding this winter tough. It's either too cold or too dark or not sunny enough and what with one thing and another it's been very difficult to find time to stick my nose out the door for a boost of vitamin D. And for the last month I've been extremely tired and low on energy. Not depressed or anything, this is a purely physical thing. I'm just terribly tired, all the time. It's not weird either, this happens to me every single year, at about this time of year. The little indian in me needs Mr. Sun on her skin, and the proper light of day all around. Sure, you can take vitamin D supplements until you go blue in the face (I take at least 2,000 IU a day), and iron supplements and a really good diet that includes enough sleep, nothing works as well as that magic potion, aka "spring weather" does.

I'll get through it the way I do every year, by trying to ignore it until it goes away. But gngngngn that's hard.


Night time update: Well! I stuffed myself full of vitamin D (pill form and Mr Sun form - I took the kids skating) and lo, I feel *almost* my old self again.

The magical tea bag

Hmmm, a science experiment that didn't go very far