Who are cemeteries for? 

Holy cow is this ever wrong:

Drive through most major Canadian cities and you’re likely to happen upon the same colossal waste of space on what would otherwise be prime real estate. No, I’m not talking about government buildings or vegan restaurants; I’m referring to cemeteries — especially the ones in urban areas, which take up space that could be used by the living, but instead cater to the dead.

I object. Cemeteries are not for the dead. They are for the living. I personally don't want to be buried and I am not religious. Yet I would not get rid of urban cemeteries because 1) they remind us that we aren't the first charlies to walk the earth and certainly won't be the last, and that we, too, will eventually turn to dust and be dismissed so why not use our time here properly; and 2) they provide us with green and unbuilt spaces that are a fantastic break from the concrete jungle around. I don't know who came up with the idea that progress required pavement and plastic buildings, but they were profoundly wrong.

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