This is a very important article, especially if you have boys.

Though this sounds simplistic, never ever underestimate the positive effect that raw physical strength can have on a young man’s development. I’ve seen the impact that weight training has had on my son, and I wish I’d been as diligent when I was his age. I’ve experienced the impact — even as an older adult — of the physical transformation of Army training.

Our culture strips its young men of their created purpose and then wonders why they struggle. It wonders why men — who are built to be distinctive from women — flail in modern schools and workplaces designed from the ground-up for the feminine experience. Men were meant to be strong. Yet we excuse and enable their weakness. It’s but one marker of cultural decay, to be sure, but it’s a telling marker indeed. There is no virtue in physical decline.

Physical fitness and genuine manual-labour competence is a very necessary part of what makes a man a man. That's not to say girls shouldn't be strong or know how to handle power tools (you should see me with my brad nailer), or that boys shouldn't be kind and sensitive. (In my experience, it's the men who are strong who can be the most kind and sensitive.) But if you refuse to teach young males how to develop their physical strength and abilities, you are going to create more problems for them than you realize.