Stressed out indeed

I can't say I spend a lot of time noticing what songs are in the top 10, but I take it this one is popular these days because I read this excellent piece about it. And I find it terribly sad.

I'm a Gen-Xer and have all the bitterness that comes with never having enough elbow room because of all those annoying Baby-Boomers having screwed themselves securely into all the best chairs. (Do I win a prize for Best Twisted Metaphor?) I am not, generally speaking, crazy about the sense of entitlement that many Millenials seem to have. Dang it, I had to scratch and claw to make my own space, don't come complaining to me that your new job doesn't come with a good enough dental plan. In all my working years (30 of them so far), I almost literally never had benefits. So, you know. Go play your violin some place else.

But another (less cold-hearted) part of me also feels sorry for these young people who are all grown-up on on the outside but without much by way of intestinal fortitude, real-life skills, grit or discipline. Because they've grown up being told they deserved the best no matter what, and that everyone was a winner.

As many of them realize, somewhat late in the game, in the real world, not everyone is a winner. And yes, I'll bet it's a rude awakening. In a way us Gen-Xers were more fortunate; since we never expected things to be easy, we came to the real world with a harder shell and a few weapons properly sharpened. Some of these special snowflakes got nothing except tattoos and an attitude. It's hard to make a living with just that.

So let me take this song and use it to hit one of my favourite nails: You are doing your children no favour when you don't expect a lot out of them. When you give them everything. When you bail them out so they don't have to live with the consequences of their mistakes. Our job as parents is to prepare our children for the real world, slowly and gradually. Not to shelter them from it.

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