Ahhhh. Late September. What a time to be at the lake. It's still warm during the day, very cool at night, and there's virtually nobody else around except for a few hardy (and quiet) fishing dudes. Plus the not-so-quiet hunter fellow who seems to be having a grand old time testing his rifle judging by how often he does it.

But mostly I like this time of year because it helps me feel so thoroughly alive. This morning, being a Saturday, I allowed myself to sleep in until 7. Got up, got my 8-year-old to start the fire with matches from the Speaker of the House of Commons (yeah, I know, you want the backstory to that one), prepared a mug of sweet tea and went for a swim with my husband.

Yes, the water is cold. Not brutally cold yet, but oh, it's coming. We ran back up the stairs, got dressed, and drank our tea in front of the fire.

Now the rest of the kids are up, eating their sugary cereal (weekend treat), and planning their day. These are simple pleasures, and they are by far the best ones.