The best view in the world I didn't even spend 48 hours there this week - up late Tuesday night, back home by 8 pm tonight. But it doesn't matter. My batteries feel recharged, even if my body is still tired. The lake does that to me.

My husband says our crazy little cottage on a small private island is the one place in the world where I'm really myself. It's true for him, too. And the kids, who get to run around wearing nothing but underwear and rain boots (we have no neighbours, it's all cool), explore the woods, play with caterpillars, and learn to cope with Mother Nature. That's also where they learn to be brave (swimming in a lake is scary when you're five, and the Youngest is resisting going in without floaties, but like her sisters she is doing better than she realizes and before she knows it she'll be so comfortable in the water I won't be able to get her out of there).

The lake and its unique rhythm soothes the soul and puts all your vitals back into proper alignment. I never want to leave my island, even though my life in the city is very cool, too. There is something unique, and uniquely good, about the lack of traffic noise or mail delivery, and the presence of all manner of beasties and birds, and I would be lost without it.