It's January and I'm grumpy because I'm always tired and low on energy plus these days I'm fighting off the cold or flu or whatever bug it is that's plaguing my house (Youngest hasn't been herself in a month), mostly by ignoring it, gngngn. I was going through my old posts this morning and this one, from July 2015, made me wince with envy. The only positive thing about it is that I know spring is coming back and I'll get to do the morning swim thing again in just a few months...


Or why I need a waterproof camera. My swim this morning was nothing short of magical. It's quite cold these days, about 11C (slightly under 60F) this morning and the water is much warmer than the air, which creates this thick mist that slowly dispels as the rising sun warms up the air. There's barely any breeze at all. The whole thing feels like Middle Earth except the lake isn't spooky.

There's nobody but me and some fishing guy in the distance (plus wildlife making its usual cacophony), and it's like I'm gliding smoothly into liquid smoke as I swim westward towards the island across the channel. I go like this for about 300 feet, then turn to face the beautiful golden pink of the rising sun and swim back to my dock while a flock of birds skim across the quiet waters.

I'm just sorry I couldn't film it for you.