This is how I party This was a pretty intensive karate weekend. Tournament team training is going full-tilt these days, seeing as we have a tournament next weekend and the nationals (where people from all over the country compete to earn a place on Team Canada) are in two weeks. So Friday night wasn't for slackers.

Saturday was also a pretty busy day; I started with a nice run in the early morning sunshine with Eldest, then it was a Mom and Me day for the kids' classes, who were encouraged to bring their mamas to do karate with them. In-between kids' classes there was 45 minutes of cardio-kickboxing for me. Home for lunch with the Eldest, then back at the dojo for bo class. Then around dinner time (not that I ate anything) there was a pre-test for those of us going for a black belt (I'm testing for third degree) next month. That was a very hard hour, and by the time I got home (after an ill-advised trip to the grocery store where I bought roughly half of what was on the shelves), ate, did laundry and took a shower, I was ready to collapse more or less gently.

I went to bed early to read and just before drifting off to sleep I noticed on my Facebook feed that some of the folks who'd gone through the same pre-test were out drinking beer and celebrating the day's achievement. I thought it was funny; I know people enjoy celebrating. I celebrated too - one big scoop of chocolate cherry ice cream with a generous dose of heavy cream, but I wasn't going to drink or stay up late since I had another two hours of hard training this morning.

I reflected, half asleep last night and again this morning, that the beer-drinking guys probably would shake their heads at my post-pre-test partying the same way I was shaking my head at theirs. I don't understand it. To me, the sheer joy of improving my technique and my sparring are enough of a jolt on their own. I don't feel like I need to party on top of that. But then maybe I'm the odd one. It has been suggested before. ;)

At any rate, training was excellent (as was the early-morning run with Eldest). We went home, did laundry (laundry is a bit of a thing in my life), had lunch, packed and left for the island, where the rest of the family was. Got there around 3:30, got my presents and cards and flowers from the kids, went for a swim, made a huge salad and sat down to watch a film with the kids. I'm planning a good dessert in a bit; heavy cream, maple syrup, and cocoa (it makes a kind of rich ganache, it's way awesome), and an early night before heading back to the city tomorrow for - how did you guess? - more training.

Hope your night is as restful as mine.