After several days of intense whoop-dee-doop, today was very boring. Well, except for accomplishing a list this long of chores, that is, and - oh yes! - getting Youngest Daughter to ride her Big Bike all by herself all the way to Royal Rock and back. About a kilometre. Woohoo. It's always odd when you get back to your normal routine after a disruption, how weird it feels to be normal again. To do laundry and mow the lawn and prepare lunch and work on homeschooling and pay the bills and whatnot. But it's good, it's good.

Of course if I listened to myself I would never allow any deviation to the routine. I'm terribly particular about my schedule, and I like things to be just so at the time when I expect them. (Obviously this personality trait doesn't help me with the zen thing. Oh well. Can't have everything - where would you put it?) But whenever something disruptive happens it always gives me the opportunity to slip back into the Dull Normal setting and enjoy the quiet predictability that comes with it.

Anyway, that's a long-winded way of saying that after doing a bunch of chores and getting John to an early-evening event, we traveled to the lake to recharge the batteries in preparation for a hard weekend. It's late and I'm very tired, but also very happy to be here even if it's too dark (moon hasn't gotten up yet) to actually see much of the lake. The stars, though; what a sky we had for the boat ride...

Now to let the loons cry me to sleep.