IMG_1527 I drove my crew to the cottage this morning, went for a (very) brief dip in 49F water (yes, yes, you're right, I'm not really swimming, I'm just making a point), had a lovely lunch, then drove back to Ottawa to go do my special training for the upcoming third-degree black-belt test. Came back home to take a shower, grab a bite, and wash my gi, then back on the road to the cottage.

I could stay home tonight and go to the lake in the morning, and that would be quite weird indeed. I'm home completely alone - not even a dog or cat in sight, they're all at the island. I haven't been alone like that very often these past 10 years. I've already had a long day and I'm looking at a longish drive then a boat ride by myself in the dark, but there's rain in the forecast for morning and I'd rather be driving the boat at night than in the rain.

Plus to be honest, while I do enjoy spending time alone, it's kind of odd and it makes me feel slightly guilty. I have no business feeling guilty, of course. Dear husband insists he's fine by himself with the menagerie. And I know he is. Still, I'd rather be with them at the lake.

10:00 PM update: Made it in good time, and even found my lovely 10% fat organic probiotic yogourt at the Smiths Falls Loblaws 10 minutes before closing time. I bought three tubs, along with some splendid beef roast they were giving away ($3/pound, how was I supposed to resist that?). Drove myself to the island in the dark on my nearly silent boat (love those four-stroke motors) and enjoyed that bit of peace and quiet on a very deserted lake. Even the beastie that made me jump out of my skin by belly-flopping in the water didn't manage to ruin it. There is something remarkably cool and empowering about that boat ride at night, especially when there's nobody else with me. I know my way pretty well along the creek then the lake, through the markers, around one island, across some open water then between my island and the island next door all the way to the dock, which is of course pretty dark. It's a great feeling to be able to drive and land the boat like a big girl. We've been teaching the kids how to launch the boat and drive it (under close supervision, of course), and they're getting fairly good at it. But smoothly landing a 20' pontoon in the dark, that's something else and one day they'll be able to do that, too. It will take some pretty competent boys to impress these girls when they're ready to date in roughly 600 centuries. ;)