Unlearn, to appreciate

I just started reading Matthew Zapruder's Why Poetry, in part because I've always had a difficult relationship with the art form. Oh, who am I kidding. I've never had a proper relationship with it. For some reason, I never got into it - too obscure, too difficult, blah blah blah. Maybe I was just lazy. Or closed-minded. Hard to tell. But I've spent a fair bit of my life refusing to ask myself those questions and simply declared that I hated poetry. 

I don't want to be like that anymore. Because I'm closing myself off from huge gobs of beauty, and that's a stupid thing to do. I want to try and just read and appreciate poetry. Hence the book. And I rejoice in that quote, found in the introduction:

... the act of treating poetry like a difficult activity one needs to master can easily perpetrate those mistaken, and pervasive, ideas about poetry that make it hard to read in the first place.

OK, I can deal with that. I think. Maybe I can just see it as something to enjoy, not some opponent to master.

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