I need help. I am disheartened by the tone of political discourse. There is too much anger out there. Way too much anger. 

I don't want to fight political battles any longer. Twitter brawls don't interest me. 

Here's what does: Humans being decent. 

I don't believe social media represents real people nearly as much as it does. I believe real people - the majority who aren't engaging in political fights online - are out here doing their best to be decent most of the time. 

And I want to highlight that. This is where you come in. 

I have started a Facebook page for people to share true stories of human decency. It doesn't have to be spectacular; I'm not looking for heroes who risk their lives to save the orphans from plunging to their deaths because Evil Dr Pork Chop has blown out the train tracks. I'm looking for business owners who go out of their way to help someone, for neighbours who do something nice, for drivers who wait patiently for the incredibly slow toddler to cross the street before making a right turn. Just ordinary people doing decent things. Or a politician saying something nice about an opponent. That'd be awesome, too. 

I want you to help me find those stories and share them to that Facebook page. It can be something you came across online, or something that happened to you or that you witnessed, and that you write yourself. 

The stories should be true, to the best of your knowledge. They should contain absolutely no political attacks and no negativity. And please don't use individual people's names without checking with them first, because that's the polite thing to do. 

Help me fight hate with love. Find stories we can all share. Let's flood Facebook with examples of real normal humans being good to one another. So we can have something to smile about as we go through our day trying to be better than we were yesterday. 

Check out the page. I've added a couple of stories to get is started, and I will post as many as I can find. But I'm just one person. I need the power of the crowd behind me to make this work. 

So there, crowd. Over to you.