Tool wisdom

It's cold, and cloudy and windy (also freezing), but today's the only day we have to go to the cottage and pull out the last boat still in the water. So off we go - to the creek where we park it, which fortunately for us doesn't freeze easily. But the motor might. So who knows how long we'll spend out there (location: roughly 34 degrees southwest of the middle of nowhere) hassling with the thing.

Packing some snacks, hot tea, mitts and hats and two kinds of boots (I usually have to get in the water mid-calf to get to the winch to pull the 1,000 lbs beast onto the trailer - yay training). And asking husband unit whether we should take the tool box. We shouldn't need it, but hey, as I said:

Better have the tools and not need them than the other way around.

Wisdom to live your life by, mesays. (Wish me luck.)

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