Three pages to success

I was reminded, reading this post by Ryan Holiday, that writing is kind of an important thing when you're a, er, writer.

I already journal every day. It's not much each day - mostly a list of what happened, goals, etc. But I write it every day. I also write 10 ideas per day, as per James Altucher's suggestion quoted in the post above. That's not where I got that suggestion, I got it the honest way by reading Altucher's book earlier this summer. It's amazing how much stuff one can generate when one has a blank page to fill.

But the other suggestion in Holiday's post, which isn't something he invented, is to write a few pages of whatever strikes your fancy every day. The idea, I guess, is to get all the crap that's inside you out of your system without pressure or the need to impress an editor or what have you, and see what comes out of it.

I started doing it this morning. Took me 40 minutes to fill three pages longhand. Most of it I'll never show anyone, because ew, it was like popping a zit with blue ink. But there are a few cute ideas and swell turns of phrase in there, too. I might go back and mine that at some point.

My mornings are already pretty busy, what with my daily run, and chores that need to happen before the kids get up. But I have been annoyed lately by my inability to get more writing done so I think I'll set the alarm 45 minutes earlier (I can always do catch-up napping in the afternoon) and keep this going.

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