Sparing a thought for a big life in small form

Found this little guy (girl?) on the sidewalk on my way back from my jog this morning. Dead from hitting the glass building at the street corner. It's not my first time finding dead birds in that spot.

I don't like glass buildings. They kill birds for no good reason.

This one was by itself like that in the middle of the sidewalk. People were going places, completely unaware of the small dead creature at their feet.

I didn't like that. It's not because the creature is small that the life wasn't big. Maybe this bird was going somewhere. Maybe it had a family. It's not its fault humans are so vain and inconsiderate.

I used the newspaper I was bringing home to pick it up and transport it to nearby bushes. I put it down as delicately as I could under the foliage, said goodbye, and went home. I'm sure a cat or some other creature will eat it soon, and that's fine. I just didn't want humans to squish its frail body after stealing its life.

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