Or why Ovid is full of baloney

Here's a quote I rather violently disagree with: “Habit makes all things bearable.” (Ovid)

OK, maybe I should rephrase. It's not the quote I disagree with so much, as the implied message. That if only you can get into the right sort of habits, you'll be able to tolerate things you don't want to tolerate.

It's the old comfort zone again. And the overwhelming desire people have not to feel pain or discomfort. If you get used to things that should bother you, maybe they won't bother you no more and life will be good again.

I say hell no. Not because I enjoy pain and discomfort, but because - to modify another quote - everything good in life lives outside of your comfort zone. Nothing good ever happens when you're comfortable. That's why you have to push past your limits - constantly, relentlessly, mercilessly. Sometimes, your progress is small. Sometimes it's non-existent. There are days where no matter how hard you push, you make no visible progress.

Except you do. The simple act of pushing, the very fact that you're working as hard as you can to get out of your comfort zone, is exactly what makes you better, no matter what immediate results you get, if any.

Ovid can do what he wants. I'll continue to seek discomfort and pain because I never want to be content sitting around feeling like yeah, life is bearable.

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