Yesterday was our WKC Provincial qualifier in London and for the first time I competed in open divisions (ages 18 and over) as well as my usual "old ladies" divisions. That's something I'd been too scared to do until then. I was afraid I wouldn't measure up. That I'd be too slow. Yesterday I decided, well, so what. If I'm too slow then I won't place. And I'll train harder to make it next time. Time to stop hiding and step on that scary mat.

I'm happy to report it went pretty well after all. Sure, I'm slower than the youngins, but hey, I can do it. I qualified for all my events and will be moving on to Nationals next month. Not sure how I'll place there, but I'll give it my best shot and let the chips fall wherever they go.

Here are my results from yesterday:

  • Hard style kata, women, 18+ BRONZE
  • Classical kata, women 18+ SILVER
  • Traditional kata, women 35+ GOLD
  • Traditional kata, women 42+ GOLD
  • Point sparring, women, 18+, -60kg SILVER
  • Point sparring, women, 35+, lightweight GOLD
  • Point sparring, women, 42+, lightweight BRONZE