Hey, so, that went alright yesterday. It was my first tournament after a serious bit of unwellness which resulted in six weeks off training, so yeah, I wasn't feeling overly solid on my pegs. Still, you crank your stuff out as hard as you can, because really, what other choice is there.

I came second in kata (out of five), behind teammate Amanda whose new kata looked awfully sharp. That was her first time winning and she was justifiably proud of herself.

I was the only old lady in my fighting division, so I won a free gold there (no sweat!) and went straight to grands against the winner of the young women. Didn't win that one. Didn't even come close. I was slower than usual, and it showed. Not that I could beat this girl even at my best - she's an incredible fighter (and a charming young woman to boot), but I know I could have brought it closer. Still, I scored a couple of clean points and went home happy... but a lot more tired than usual. Back to training this morning.

Next tournament is in three weeks, then one the week after that. Hoping to be done with this recovery by then.