This weekend we had our National championship in Ottawa, where people who made it through their respective provincial qualifiers come to fight for a spot on the team representing Canada at the World Championships in Orlando, Florida. To qualify, you have to finish in the top four positions after two rounds.

Catherine and I both competed in kata (two divisions each) and sparring (one division for her, two divisions for me). She didn't make the cut in kata, though she came close in one division and is now an alternate in case one of the top four people can't make it. I qualified in one of my kata divisions, and I'm also an alternate in the other.

So far, not too bad. Then we did sparring. After the first round, Catherine was in fourth position. The way the math worked in her division, she absolutely had to win her first fight in today's second round to make the team. She did. She then lost a fight against the reigning champion, and got to fight again for third place in that round - a fight she won. Adding up the totals from the two rounds she came in fourth place, securing a spot on the team. She was elated.

Me: After one round yesterday I was third in one sparring division and first in the other. After four fights today, the final results are the same, so woot.


We are going to spend the next few months training and getting ready to rock and roll in Florida come November. Big thanks to Master John Douvris for all the awesome training and coaching. We are #TrainedByASpartan, and it shows.