My talented friend

Catherine Campbell in action

Catherine Campbell in action

If you open your eyes (and ears), you won't be able to avoid noticing other people's talents. And if you're as lucky as me, the talents in question will blow you away.

Earlier today I took Eldest to a Christmas concert in Ottawa featuring the Strings of St John's. My karate friend Catherine Campbell is a cellist in that ensemble - and a fantastic one at that.

I've been doing karate with her for about five years now. She's a third-degree black belt and - no, I'm not repeating myself - a very inspiring martial artist. On top of that she has a job, she's a businesswoman and a mother. Also kind of cool.

I knew she played the cello, but I didn't realize how well. Today I was finally able to attend one of her concerts and wow. What a magical experience.

You wouldn't know it talking to her, because she is very modest about her accomplishments. That's why I had to go experience it for myself. What I heard is countless hours of dedicated practice, a love of the arts, and a passion for sharing it.

Well done Sensei!

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