Love thy stomach

So I've been sick for nearly a month now, with some nasty bug we picked up in Florida. I say "we" because there's a bunch of us at the dojo (as well as friends from other dojos who were also there) still battling this monster.

One of the effects of that bug for me was what I believe was a lung infection that gave me wicked back pain. It seems gone now, but was still afflicting me earlier this week. Ibuprofen took care of the hurting back, and I mightily kept on training because that's the way I roll.


Enter the NSAID-induced gastritis. That's fancy med-speak for "you took too much motrin you incomparable doofus." I had one episode of nausea Tuesday, which I was able walk off without undue outbursts, but on Wednesday after training I suddenly went *very* white and threw up blood.

Oh. Blood. It's really not supposed to come back your mouth. Not good.

Emailed my doctor and explained the outburst and my painkiller intake and asked if it was time to hit the panic button and go to the hospital. Bless his heart, he didn't panic. (I hate going to the hospital.) But strongly suggested staying off painkillers for now. Yeah, OK. 

I guess I'm also done training for a bit. I leave for California on a vacation with Youngest Sunday morning, and I want to be strong enough not to ruin it for her. And besides, I was still ghostly pale yesterday. I'm just now starting to recover some colour Friday afternoon. I was even hungry for lunch. And I don't need to faint after coming up the stairs. Woohoo.

It's amazing how much your stomach controls how you feel. All day yesterday I could only be up a few minutes at a time before sitting or lying down. I had no legs, no energy. It's also pretty cool how, if you give it enough rest and TLC, it will fix itself nicely. I didn't think I was taking that much NSAID (don't think I exceeded the recommended dose), but I took it steadily for almost a week and I guess that was enough to trigger a crisis.

So yeah. Love thy stomach. It will make you a lot happier.

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