It's so easy to be cranky. For instance, when you're up before some people go to bed to catch an early morning flight along with your also-sleep-deprived pre-teen and neither of you has eaten much in the last 24 hours because impending weigh-in and it's cold and dark then you stand in line at the airport for ever and get checked more times than you can count and grumble grumble grumble...

Or, you can see this for what it is - a miracle of efficiency because your scheduled Uber was on time (and pleasant), customs didn't ask difficult questions, and you're sitting at your gate in plenty of time with a comfy chair, an electric outlet and free wifi so you can get work done while sipping delicious airport "coffee".

The difference is in your attitude. You can choose to be aggravated by everything, or to marvel at everything.

I'm on my way to Orlando, where it is summer (yay) to compete in a sport I love with my daughter and a bunch of fine friends. Those are big things to be grateful for. The dubious coffee and free wifi and airport security, well, those are the little things to be grateful for. Put a smile on your face and refuse to grumble.