Is there an emoji for "I quit"?

I used to disdain emojis. But over the years, as I got into more and more online conversations with friends who use them (no, not just youngins), the blasted things started sneaking into my prose. And now I find myself using them more than I want to.

They've become a crutch. And I don't like those. At all.

So I've decided to give them up cold turkey. My writing should be clear by itself. My emotions should show through regular words and punctuation. (One exclamation point per page max, unless it's for effect. AND NO ALL CAPS!!!) If I feel the need to add a smiley, that's a sign I need to rewrite my sentence so it smiles by itself.

I started my very first book, Épître aux tartempions (born in 1999, sadly out of print - it's the book among the seven or eight I've published whose level of language I'm the most proud of) with this quotation from Anatole France:

Caressez longuement votre phrase, et elle finira par sourire.

I'm back to fondling my prose, Mr. France. Because I like it better when it smiles all by itself.

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