How to treat people

Today's inspiring quote comes from James and Claudia Altucher's The Power of No.

Treat everyone else as if it's their last day.

You know, as well as living your life like today's your last day, you should also treat people as though they were about to die. That means not badmouthing them, or getting angry with them, or being snippy. Because you wouldn't do that on a person's last day... They offer a few exercises to train your mind to be less crabby to others, including this: 

I will listen to everyone's last words today without interrupting them. Even if I can finish their sentences because I am light-years ahead of them, I will let them finish their sentences.

Oh, and wow. Do you know anyone who's guilty of not letting people finish their sentences? I do. She's sitting right here, in this very chair. She's famous for finishing other people's sentences. Like, all the time.

I had never before considered this habit especially rude. In my mind, I'm showing people I get what they're saying and/or help them express it properly. (Yeah, well, so I can be patronizing - not my most attractive trait. But I'm trying to be honest so there you go. I'm sharing.)

I suppose it is rude to finish other people's sentences, and not at all helpful. Mmmm. Especially if I get the end of their sentences wrong, come to think of it.

Well! Something else for me to work on...

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