Remember I told you how sick I was a couple of months ago? Well. I'm happy to report that for the last week or so I've been feeling more or less my old self.

Yesterday was my first post-recovery tournament, the Cobra International in Repentigny, and whoa.

I came first in my kata division (out of six) and got to do grands. I didn't win grands. But I thought I'd done fairly decently and was therefore happy.

In sparring, I only had one opponent. We had one fight, which I lost. But the beauty of it was, I didn't care all that much. I mean, I was fighting to win and everything. But the whole time I was thinking how cool it was to be able to fight normally. To be healthy enough and fight properly. That in itself was victory enough. I had to find a way to restrain myself from grinning the whole time.

Oh sure, some of my reflexes aren't what they were back in November. But that'll come back quickly with training, which I can now do full-throttle. And that, too, makes me want to grin like a goof. It's not very Spartan, I know, but I hope Coach will indulge me this time...