Recently I made a decision to clean up my news feeds and online habits to stop looking at sources that brought me few joys but many frustrations. I figured, hey, I shouldn't look at things I don't want to see. And I thought myself quite clever to have come up with that line.

Except of course that Seth Godin said it better than me. When I grow up I want to be as smart as he is.

You open the door and the vacuum cleaner salesperson comes in, and dumps a bag of trash in your living room.

Or a neighbor sneaks in the back door and uses a knife to put gouges on the kitchen table.

Or, through the window, someone starts spraying acid all over your bookshelf...

Why are you letting these folks into your house?

Your laptop and your phone work the same way. The reviews and the comments and the breaking news and the texts that you read are all coming directly into the place you live. If they're not making things better, why let them in?

No need to do it to yourself, no need to let others do it either.