Conservatives are losing their way — and their moral right to lead

This episode of The Daily is required listening for anyone who wonders whether they should still call themselves conservative or not. Listen to the part where Mona Charen tells a CPAC panel that it’s hypocritical for the Republicans to talk about better social values and endorse Roy Moore. There are shouts from the audience (above the boos) for her to switch sides.

If you don’t like a party that tolerates a president who bragged about his mistreatment of women and that endorses someone credibly accused of — at the very least — having had very improper behaviour towards underage girls… switch sides, because we like it that way… Oh by the way, the audience was mostly women. Conservative women.

This is what the conservative movement has turned into. No, not everyone is like that. But more than there used to be, to the point where now more people are happy with Trump-style politics than not within North American parties. It’s nasty, blindly partisan, he-may-be-a-son-of-a-bitch-but-he’s-our-son-of-a-bitch, and metaphysically lost. Conservative parties in Canada and the United States are now, essentially, backing this kind of stuff. You know they still call the Environment minister — who, despite what you think of her views, is a highly educated and accomplished professional — #ClimateBarbie, right? Because they disagree with her on climate change.

None of this behaviour is conservative. It’s not even politics. It’s thuggery. And I for one want nothing to do with it.

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