Big changes happen... at their own speed, actually

I used to believe big changes happened slowly. Well, they do. But they also don't. Recent events in the life of Eldest have caused me to ponder this space-time continuum conundrum, including her recent well-researched and supremely-well-argued request to be allowed to go to regular school for a while.

This one hit me pretty hard. I swallowed even harder listening to her. Because there she was, making her case like a person much older than she is. She was prepared to make her case, and had her answers ready for the objections she knew I'd bring up.

I know going to school isn't what she really wants, and I said that to her. What she really wants is to spend a bit more time away from her family, with friends her age. That's a perfectly natural desire at her age, and as I explained to her it can be accommodated in a homeschooling context. But she seems pretty determined... (she's a bit stubborn, unlike some people we know).

I was both hurt and bursting with pride. And also amazed at the speed at which this tiny fragile helpless baby girl turned into a strong, eloquent young woman. In a way, it happened very suddenly. But of course, it didn't. She started turning into who she is today the day she was born - nay, conceived. Those big visible changes happen all at once, yes. But they also take a long time to evolve.

It's magical and baffling all at once.

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