Beating the blahs, the scale, and the late-night snacks

Walking towards the light...

Walking towards the light...

Not too long ago I had a pretty rough spell, and my progression towards the leaner me stalled a bit. It might even have verged on regressing. Since that time I've had to deal with the mother of all sinus infections and our national qualifiers. I got through the latter OK, and I'm finally starting to beat the former... I think.

The one bright spot these days is that I'm finally getting back to beating the scale black and blue again. Last time I wrote about these things I was stuck around 125-126 lbs. But since Monday I've been under 125 and this morning the thing flashed at 122.8 before settling on 123.0.

Those are numbers I haven't seen in well over 15 years. And yes, I'm enjoying them.

How did I do it? One thing: I got my late-night snacking under control.

See, I often train at night. And by "at night" I mean I'm at the dojo between 4 and 9 pm, training and teaching. I can't eat dinner those nights because a meal before exercise means a bowling ball in my stomach and that doesn't train well. So I nibble throughout the evening, in-between classes. A piece of cheese, a few nuts, a bite of protein bar, that sort of thing.

As you can imagine, by the time I get home at 9:30 I'm ravenous. It's hard not to gobble up more food than I mean to. I believe this habit was holding me back, because there are very few things worse for your waistline than eating too much food half an hour before bed.

So. Last week I decided to get that under control. There is no magic formula to this, except to plan what I'm going to eat (i.e. not much) and not eat more than that. I eat it slowly so as to make the enjoyment last, and that's it. I go to bed hungry, but I'm learning to fall asleep regardless of the growling. Because I like what it feels like in the morning.

I dropped almost three pounds doing just that. A simple (if difficult) step that's making all the difference.

Now if I could only kick this sinus thing to the curb, all will be well. :)

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