And there were ants in the cereal

Breathe, it says...

It's a morning and a half already. But I'm trying to take my own advice (published right here, even!) and chill.


Did you know you needed to fiddle with the MX records inside Squarespace in order to move one email account from GoDaddy to G Suite?

Me neither. I followed the transfer steps and assumed everything would work out fine, since Squarespace was doing the MX fiddling for me. Which they did. Squarespace is cool.


Lurking in the bowels of the custom DNS settings for my domain (look under "settings" "advanced" "you don't want to go there" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???"), which I'd earlier transferred from GoDaddy to Squarespace (you could say I'm on the move, digitally speaking), were a couple of rogue MX records pointing to the old email server, which no longer had a mailbox attached to it.

Egad. Conflict. My email was going nowhere!

Now, I confess I enjoyed the 36-hour break from email. Except of course for anything important I might have missed. Such as notes from you. If you think I've been ignoring your email, please send it again. Chances are it went into the big graveyard inside the multigalactic fiber optic cable.

I was pretty pleased with Old Self for having figured this all out and having managed to fix it - and all before 9 am too.


Kids got up and I gave them their Saturday morning bowl of SugarFrostCrapBomb sweet cereal and what do you know - some ants had gotten into the box and were now swimming in the kids' bowls.

They're just tiny cute ants, and there weren't even that many of them, but oh dear the shrieks. I metaphorically showed them my zen picture (OK, OK, I barked at them to get a freaking grip and just flick the stowaways into the woods) and within five minutes they were all joking about alternative protein sources and ant swimming techniques.

I think we'll go for a swim soon. And remember to breathe.

The small silver fish of contentment

Very dead turtle